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About Us

We believe that you will prosper from innovation demonstrated when the people are free to contribute their ideas and suggestions. 

 We are committed to bringing specialists who can use technology together with your company’s expertise and uniqueness to reduce and eliminate manual, time consuming, low value tasks from your firm. We’ve built a strong network of automation specialists that we’ve placed with commercial, consulting, and software partners in order to partner with you on a transparent, productive Talent First Automation Strategy. 

Meet The Team

Jessica Zych

VP, Strategic Partnerships

Jessica joins the FortyOak team after 9+ years in Talent Acquisition supporting clients ranging from startups to fortune 500 companies. With a unique blend of agency, RPO and MSP experience, Jessica is able to quickly identify the appropriate resource model for organizational success and build customized talent solutions based on a client’s unique needs.  Always looking to be at the forefront of innovation, Jessica seized the opportunity to join FortyOak as VP of Strategic Partnerships to marry her two passions: Intelligent Automation and Talent Acquisition.

Anthony Giardina

Head of Strategy/Services

Anthony comes to FortyOak after developing a world-class automation team that produced 200+ automations and saved 500,000 hours of annual capacity. Through this experience he gained hands on experience realizing the efficiencies today’s automation tools can bring into an organization. He has lead implementation and management of both technology and operations that made digital transformation possible 

Anthony joined FortyOak to drive our Talent-First Automation Strategy while leading Technology in our parent company. His diverse IT background allows him to lead digital transformation within our company and our industry, while supporting our clients.  

Lee Masucci

VP, Sales/Delivery

Lee is experienced in all facets of staffing and recruiting. He is highly focused on the growth and adoption of AI, Machine Learning and RPA within corporations. His first encounter with RPA was through a ML driven RPA product company, where he helped scale a solution consulting and customer success team. After making an immediate impact with the WorkFusion team, he was then introduced to their customers to help scale their RPA teams! In 2019, he helped launch FortyOak: a boutique staffing/services organization dedicated solely to Intelligent Automation & Robotic Process Automation (RPA).   

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Our Project Solutions are geared for you to remain in control of your program, while we provide you with expert advice (without product affiliations), and creative solutions to the challenges your company is facing.

Whether it be through Contingent Worker, Contingent-to-Hire Workers, or Full-Time placement we are focused on helping you build a sustainable program.