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Partner Stories

In business, it’s important to support your partners that believe in delivering at the same standard as your organization. We’ve created a section where you can search through the organizations that we know will deliver for you.

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OpenBots is a full-featured RPA platform designed to build & orchestrate enterprise automations at a fraction of the price of any platform on the market. FortyOak proudly provides expert resources to leverage OpenBOTs’ zero-bot-license software.

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Chassi is an easy-to-use AI-powered tool that shows you where to start improving your business and what to focus on moving forward. It automatically models your process; then helps prioritize improvement and measure the impact. FortyOak proudly provides expert resources to operationalize Chassi’s software.

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Weidenhammer is a nationally recognized digital transformation consulting firm, providing expertise and solutions in business consulting, information technology, and creative services. FortyOak supplements Weidenhammer’s services by providing expert Intelligent Automation resources to their customers.

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BeeckerCo is a company specialized in process automation in RPA/Hyperautomation technologies. With 300 experts located in four (4) different countries – United States, Mexico, Colombia and Brazil – BeeckerCo is able to provide the technical expertise to solve any E2E business model. FortyOak and BeeckerCo partner to bring cost effective automation solutions to their clients.

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With a powerful mix of technology services and solutions, MicroAge delivers a competitive edge backed by vendor-certified engineers and an acclaimed panel of experts focused on your IT infrastructure. FortyOak provides complimentary Intelligent Automation services in partnership with MicroAge.

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Soroco is building the world’s first work graph platform — a database of shared digital experiences emanating from our daily work. Today, teams spend over 60% of the workday on unstructured interactions across emails, documents, and custom applications – outside of ERP, CRM, and other systems of record. This massive enterprise data is untapped and undocumented. Our flagship product Scout, powered by the work graph, provides near real-time, structured insights into this last mile of work and helps enterprises accelerate their transformation journey.


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