Project Solutions

Led by our in-house Head of Strategy and Services, Anthony Giardina who brings years of practical experience and Automation thought leadership, we employ an adaptable Value ADD – Assessment, Discovery, and Delivery – methodology to respond to our client’s needs.

Our Project Solutions are geared for you to remain in control of your program, while we provide you with expert advice (without product affiliations), and creative solutions to the challenges your company is facing.

Value Add Methodology


Engagements allow you to leverage FortyOak’s expertise in many ways, examples are:

    • determine the Business Case and Return on Investment for an Automation Program,
    • define the technology stack that will best meet your needs,
    • Create the organization needed to support your transformation,
    • or assess the framework left behind by failed consulting engagements


Engagements help you determine where, when and how to automate at your company. Examples are:

    • Functional discovery of departments or processes to determine if they are automatable and what the savings will be
    • A review of the Governance processes needed to ensure success, quality and sustainability of your automation program
    • Technology vendor discovery and recommendation


Engagements support execution of time bound, deliverable based efforts. Examples include:

    • Platform implementation/configuration
    • Execution of Process Automation on your platform
    • Governance of your existing program

Project Inquiry